Top Only is a professionally managed company that has a presence in diverse fields such as Tourism, Hospitality & Pharmaceuticals. At the helm of affairs is Mr Akhlasur Rahman, who has a vast experience in both, the Mauritian Hospitality & Tourism industry as well as in Pharmaceutical distribution.

As far as Tourism is concerned, the guiding philosophy of the company is that luxury travellers should be free to design their own holidays, as per their own timings, preferences and convenience. The discerning traveler, especially while on a holiday, is looking for a truly rejuvenating and refreshing experience, which the run-of-the-mill holiday packages cannot provide. The last thing that you need on a holiday is a time-bound schedule and a fixed itinerary. This is where we step in, and let you take full control of your holiday. From the choice of the hotel, to the choice of transportation, From the choice of sights to see, or to the timing, we leave it all to you.

When it comes to healthcare, just as an individual is known by the company he keeps, a company is known by the brands it associates with. We, at Top Only, are proud to be associated with some of the most reputed and trusted brands in pharmaceuticals as well as personal healthcare.

Top Only is the sole Representative and Liaison Office for Mauritius and several African countries for several leading manufacturers of finished pharmaceutical formulations and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) from around the world. The companies represented by us have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are certified by several renowned global regulatory bodies.

Learn more about our services and products by going through our website, or feel free to send us your query, which shall receive our prompt attention.